miércoles, 16 de julio de 2014

Google Drive in Gmail Account

Google Drive is one of the services that I liked about Google more. With Google Drive we have the opportunity to save these files on our computers we have no where to place them. Let's say your computer is giving us problems and we know that soon we could lose everything, because in the worst case, we do not have a USB flash drive or removable hard drive to save your files. So for that there Drive. A file storage service in the cloud that offers more than 15 gb free. Another feature that has fascinated me is that when you send an email, we may share any file hosted on Drive with our target and this is still very useful because we often want to attach large files, but most mail services Free mail, do not offer this type of service or at least not to my knowledge. If you need to make a backup I recommend using Google Drive, I assure you that I love it. To enter Drive just need a Gmail sign in account and you're ready for adventure. Enjoy it. Google Adsense: This developed and managed by the company Google Inc., service is poorly understood, but it really is one of the best. Have you ever wondered, as you can see some ads on different parts of a website. It is simple, all that is thanks to web masters or bloggers who are dedicated to making money online using Adsense platform. It is a vast world, complex and exciting. Thousands of people are earning hundreds or thousands of dollars using this Google service. If you are interested to know more about this service, subscribe to our blog so you can receive emails in your inbox and that can receive the new draft article I'm thinking that you and other Internet users can start in that world as exciting and lucrative Adsense is. And here we come to the end of the article if you're interested you can read our tutorial about Google drive in gmail or log in if you do not already have a google account can see Up Gmail. There are dozens of really driven and managed by Google services, but these are just the ones I think are a little more relevant. In another article we will be talking about the other services that google has to offer to users. I hope you enjoyed the article, if so, share on social networks and leave me a comment, subscribe and see you next time.